Sewer Problems

When your sewer becomes a problem, you will take notice. Watch for these signs to avoid the larger problems...

Warning Signs


Sewage backing up in floor drain and other drains or toilets


Gurgling or burping sounds from drains



Sewer lines can sag due to freeze-thaw cycles


Tree roots can grow into sewer


Large amounts of grease from kitchen sink


Feminine hygiene products and other improper items entering toilet

Tree Roots

Tree roots in the yard can cause issues with older pipes. The older pipes can be crushed by these roots. Sometimes we can use a sewer machine to solve the issue. If not, we suggest using our Camera Machine to visually detect the reason for the issue. The next steps would be based on that footage and our 45 years expertise. Please check out our pipe bursting and sewer lining.

A sewer back up does not only cause damage and is expensive to repair, but can also create health hazards.

A cracked or deteriorated lateral one that has tree roots can allow ground water to seep into the system, contributing to sewer backup problems